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CYBERCULTURE > Almost a Quarter of a Century Old

One of the sections to look forward to in Dialect Magazine’s¬†print/digital issues is called¬†CYBERCULTURE.

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, CULTURE IS A BROAD TERM and Dialect Magazine recognizes this. With that said, we will NOT only focus on race and ethnicity BUT we will also delve into the culture that has evolved from the DIGITAL AGE…a.k.a CYBERCULTURE.

We have additional nonconventional cultural ideas for you but we’ll leave this to another blog entry.

Look for timely and interesting CYBERCULTURAL pieces in the print/digital editions and on our Dialect Magazine website.

And check out the very first registered domain EVER, http://symbolics.com/. This is when it all started in the mid ’80s. Who knew?

Until then…

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