Rye Rye (w/Robyn), “Never Will Be Mine” | M.I.A., “Paper Planes” | DeLon diss track to M.I.A | Nicki Minaj , “Itty Bitty Piggy” | Keys diss track to Nicki Minaj


Rye Rye is a rapper/dancer from Baltimore.  The talent is signed to N.E.E.T  (Not in Education, Employment or Training) Recordings, a label founded by M.I.A.  

M.I.A. an English singer/rapper of Sri Lankan Tamil descent, who came on the scene in 2004 and debuted her first album, Arular in 2005.  She has gone on to add 2 additional albums to her discography and has been nominated and won some of music’s top awards.

Rye Rye’s song, “Never Will Be Mine” features a Swedish recording artist that goes by the name of Robyn.




Enjoy the below links to articles about the Baltimore rap scene:

Since we’re on the topic of Baltimore rap, we couldn’t leave out rapper Keys, who made a diss video directed at Nicki Minaj in 2010.  Key’s version was over the beat on Minaj’s “Itty Bitty Piggy” track (which was sampled from a Soulja Boy track which could have been sampled from some other song…).




Sri Lankan rapper, DeLon, made a diss track directed at M.I.A sampling “Paper Planes”.  He accuses M.I.A. of taking on the image of a terrorist.  DeLon’s music has made it to the U.S. Billboard charts a couple of times and he is the 2008 Derana Music Video Awards winner of “The Best Rap Performance”.




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