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Pop Culture | Kylie Jenner and Australian Singer Cody Simpson Eligibly Dating

For any of you who have been living under a rock for the past month or have absolutely no interest in pop culture, the Kardashian’s have been all over the news. Kim Kardashian, daughter to Robert Kardashian known most famously for representing OJ Simpson in his murder trial, got married and divorced to NBA star Kris Humphries. The Kardashian family has built an empire including reality television, clothing, perfume, and even weight loss supplements – to name a few.

Kylie Jenner is the youngest of the Kardashian crew. Kris Jenner divorced Robert Kardashian and remarried Olympic athlete, Bruce Jenner, in April of 1991. They proceeded to have two daughters together. Kris has four children from her previous marriage.

For any of you not acquainted with Australian pop music, Cody Simpson is a you tube sensation break out star, much like an Australian Justin Bieber (or so people say). He is currently signed with Atlantic Records but began his career in his hometown recording in his bedroom from Gold Coast, Queensland.

The two met at Twilight’s “Break Dawn: Part 1” premiere and have been pictured since hanging out around LA. How cute! Each are 14 years old. I think this is a prime example of what some would call “puppy love”. If this is a lasting match, I‘m coining the couple name “Kyody”. Get it- coyote?!


Want to learn more about Gold Coast, Queensland in Australia? Visit these sites:




EXTRA, EXTRA:  California girl, Kylie Jenner’s ethnicity is Scottish/Dutch on her mom’s side and we couldn’t confirm her dad’s side (Bruce Jenner) yet! 

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