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1st Graduating Class at the Oprah Leadership Academy for Girls

In the town of Henry-On-Klip, Africa, the first graduating class of the LeQadership Academy for Girls is celebrating their hard-earned victory in spite of adversity.

Oprah Winfrey built the school in 2007, an all-female boarding school for girls. 11 and 12 year old girls were chosen from poor income families, one of the qualifying directives to get into the school being exceptional grades to be accepted into the new facility.

Oprah has been integral to the school built with her vision since day one. She personally conducted interviews to admit young ladies into the school herself, and flew down to South Africa to speak at the ceremony.

The project is hailed as a success. 72 of the 75 girls in the first class graduated, and all 72 graduating ladies are going on to universities within Africa and the U.S.

Before the commencement ceremony, Oprah held a last-minute pajama party with the graduates, happy to know that her $40 million dollar investment into the school and the future of Africa is panning out beautifully.

Speaking to her graduating hand-picked first class, she quoted Maya Angelou, and mentioned that the graduates were born in 1994, the year apartheid ended in South Africa. Their lives are full of promise, and they will continue to soar, infulencing their communities, and bringing hope to their nation.

Oprah was not the only celebrity to attend the ceremony. Nelson Mandela’s wife was also there to speak and observe, stating that Mr. Mandela has retired from the public eye, but that she was there to speak for both of them in happiness and encouragement.

There is so much happening in the continent of Africa that promises change, hope, a new beginning. Watch out, world. A new contender is going to shine, and the youth of the next generation will carry the light out Africa and into the global sphere.




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