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African Earrings with a Twist

The Fulani people, influential in regional politics and economics in the Western region of Africa are also known as herders and traders. Due to the routes they were able to establish while trading they have been able to foster political and economical ties to isolated groups along the region. The Fulani are one of the first nomadic people to introduce Islam throughout Western Africa.

Although the most important item to the Fulani people is cattle because they signify wealth, they are also very fond of beauty.  The women of the Fulani people are cherished as precious gems. They wearing of coins in the hair of young and older women are very common. The coins are usually passed down from family. The women show their beauty through tattooing of the lips. Even though the women wear long robes and turbans they adorn themselves in necklaces, earrings, nose rings and anklets.  It is no wonder that their jewelry has been admired around the world.

I wrote this article because I have been looking for a new style of earrings. Everyone seems to love Basketball Wives’ earrings except me.  They’re nice but everyone has them and they have no meaning. Why not wear jewelry that has meaning and history.  The bronze twisted earrings imported from Mali are a symbol of traditional West African style. The Fulani women usually get these earrings on their wedding day or any other special occasion. I will get them because they are not only beautiful to wear with my natural hairstyles, but they are full of history.

It may be hard to find a large pair of these earrings but I did put together a few sites where you can find some for a pretty reasonable price. I will be ordering mine for sure.  http://www.africanimports.com/ and http://www.beadparadise.com/  do a search for Fulani earrings on both sites and you will be able to order them.









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