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Digital Fashion Shows, Fashion for the Future

We are in the era of technology, one where you can do so many of life’s tasks by merely clicking a button. Fashion designers and houses are trying to keep up with the technology trend and have recently started launching online apps, virtual museums, and now for next month’s fashion week (FW), for fashion shows.

KCD, (http://www.kcdworldwide.com fashion production agency) is launching a new invite only digital platform that allows designers to host runway shows during next month’s New York Fashion Week. With international offices in New York and Paris, the company prides itself for setting standards for creative programs and ongoing projects for established and new brands. The first on the block to try out the newest dimension of FW is Prabal Gurung who is designing for the new Japanese label ICB (International Concept Brand). This show is set to air February 15 at 11:30 AM.

The site, digitalfashionshows.com, is different from designers live-streaming there shows because shows are set to be invite only, for say journalists, retailers, and Anna Wintour. Plans may be in the works to transform the digital platform into virtual showcase for consumers once clothes are ready to hit stores.

Gurung’s show is also set to go live during next month’s fashion week. His thoughts on the digital platform for showing his collection: ”It will be a true 360-degree fashion experience. You’ll be able to see the collection from the front, back, and side.” He finished with, “It didn’t make sense to add one more show to the calendar.”


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