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London Fashion Week Highlights

Fashion Week continues to make its way around the globe, showcasing the world’s best talent and their point of view on fashion. Fashion week is a time of inspiration and visual excitement, both from the attendees and the models. London just finishing sending their last models down the runway the 21st of this month and now it’s time for a recap on some names worth noticing.

Tata-Naka’s collection was stunning. The designer duo were inspired by Motwon, Malawian tribes, and the photography of Seyodu Keita and Malick Sidibe. They explain their design philosophy as a contrast of two opposites that reveal the dual nature of the brand. This was depicted on the runway through models’ afro hair styles and combination of prints and color blocking. Their collection truly reflects their inspiration. The central Saint Martin’s graduates have amazing talent worth following.

Zoe Jordan is designing for the woman who is the boy’s best friend and the girls’ confidante. For her design staples she is influenced by “”The coming together of the androgynous and the feminine, handsome and ethereal, structured and languid. Essentially, Zoë Jordan represents feminine swagger and a boyish insouciance.” The show ‘s model paraded down the runway in colored leather lace and capes. Her inspirations for the collection were “Andalucia: its people, rich colors and its architecture; Metropolis; and Amelia Earhart.”

These designers have different design dynamics but both are incredible. London holds so many new inspirations, fashion binds us all universally through colors, fabrics, and perspectives. Enjoy all that you can see; each week puts out passion, beauty, and love.  Salute to our designers around the globe and our fashion lovers who take the time to notice.

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