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“I’ve got to get there in the morning, ding, ding, dong, they’re gonna’ chime, kick up a rumpus, don’t lose your compass, get me to the church, get me to the church, Pete’s sake, get me to the church on time.”- Lerner and Lowe lyrics from the musical “My Fair Lady”

There’s no need for brides and grooms or their wedding guests to worry about being punctual on the big day anymore. Couples are turning to social media to make it easy for loved ones and guests to be together when the blissful vows are spoken. As many have discovered, it’s also an inexpensive way to get married.

A growing trend

Instead of the customary “Something borrowed, something blue” adage, many contemporary brides-to-be are now saying, “Something Facebook, something wireless” before their marriage. The age of the social media wedding is here.

Fox 7 News in Austin published a staff piece on November 3, 2011, “Wedding Planning Goes Hi-Tech” that provides some insight into the growing inclination of social media weddings:

“The wedding industry is a $70 billion dollar a year business. In this day of Facebook, iPhones and Skype, technology is being incorporated into every step of the wedding planning process even on the big day itself.”

Paperless wedding invitations are a growing trend

Wedding equipment

It’s not unusual anymore to see a couple and their officiate read from an iPad or navigate to a special app while a close friend records the scene on an iPhone, where it can be streamed live or captured for posterity on YouTube.

Perhaps a family member or colleague is unable to attend the ceremony. That’s not a problem. They can still be a witness to the “I do’s” via video with Skype.

Have a low budget for things like invitations? Getting around that is simply a matter of sending email invites to the people on your guest list.

According to the same Fox 7 news article, which cited a survey by Brides Magazine and David’s Bridal, hi-tech is forging its own matrimonial tradition:

“One in five brides uses mobile media apps to plan, shop and register. Also one in five brides use Evite or email to invite guests or send out save-the-dates and nearly half update Facebook status within one day.”

One particular story

Many brides and grooms are now reading thier vows from an iPad

Couples are turning to the Internet for all of their wedding needs, including recently married Steve and Caryn Poland, from Buffalo, New York.

 USA Today posted a story online, in the “Your Life” section, “Social media mobile tech on the rise for weddings,” that mentions how these two newlyweds saved time and expense doing everything themselves. From soup to nuts or in their case, from invitations to music, the Polands aimed for a totally digital “DIY” experience: 

“We used the Twitter hashtag ‘polandwedding,’ our nuptials were read from an iPad by our friend, who got ordained online, and our wedding invites were printed by the hip Us.moo.com as postcards that we mailed out. I was really hoping to use Turntable.fm as our music, but it didn’t work out.” 

The legendary team of Frederick Loewe and Alan Jay Lerner composed the music for the delightfully lighthearted “Get Me to the Church on Time,” from the 1956 Broadway smash “My Fair Lady.” If the popular song was written today, it would probably sound a lot different than it does now. Think what would have happened if Lerner and Lowe had an iPad.


As a dedicated writer, storyteller, journalist, interviewer and biographer, Paul Wolfle, B.A. ARM, contributes original material to a number of social media sites, online magazines and a popular digital news reporting services. Paul is also the author of eBooks and frequently offers commentary about contemporary music topics.

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