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The Dirt by Lori Culwell | Book Review

I have to be honest. When I first received this book and read the back, I thought The Dirt was a young adult novel. After reading it I found out that while it may be perfect for a younger crowd, it can also be a delicious guilty pleasure for adults.

Lucy Whitley is a nerdly middle child who feels stuck between her two sisters. Her older sister Sloane is the gorgeous, popular one who is the leader of a secret society of equally popular gorgeous girls called PG. Her younger sister Frankie is a quirky tomboy who spends her time horrifying the Whitley family with her daredevil stunts and video game habit.

Besides living with (and dealing with) two sisters she doesn’t click with, Lucy’s family issues never seem to end. Her father is a workaholic who never has time for anyone, her soon to be stepmother is saccharine sweet and determined to mold the family into what she wants, and the family dog is hyper, poorly trained, and deaf. Lucy’s biological mom….well I will let you figure things out when you read the book.

Lucy feels like her family doesn’t understand or appreciate her and has always fantasized about getting away from them. She finally has a chance to move away from her dysfunctional house and head east to a posh boarding school in Connecticut. All she has to do is make it through her father’s wedding to Lisa. Sounds easy enough on the surface, but Lucy soon finds that prying herself away from life as she knows it will be her ultimate challenge.

The day of the wedding, Lucy faces resistance from Sloane and her flock of PG followers. Frankie may not arrive to the wedding in her bridesmaid dress….or in one piece. “The Whitley Family Scandal” continues to haunt Lucy, and she finds paparazzi swarming around the event and hears the wedding guests whispering gossip as she passes them by. As if her road to freedom wasn’t already littered with enough obstacles, something happens at the wedding that turns Lucy’s world upside down.

Lori Culwell spins an delightful tale that will keep you engaged from the first page. The Dirt is a fast, light, and fun read and would be perfect way to pass the time while riding the train home after work, waiting at your doctor’s office, or relaxing at the pool this summer. If I had to describe the novel in one word I would choose indulgent.

Lori Culwell’s The Dirt can be purchased online at amazon.com.

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