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7 Cajas | Film Review (14th Havana Film Festival, NY Premiere)

7-CajasThe CLOSING NIGHT CEREMONY at the 14th Havana Film Festival in New York was worth every second!  On April 19th, 2013, The HAVANA STAR PRIZE went to 7 CAJAS.  The NY PREMIERE of the 100 min. winning Paraguayan film followed the ceremony.  Juan Carlos Maneglia and Tana Schémbori directed this energy-filled thriller.

There was a director present for Q&A.

So back to the film – it’s about a teenage boy, Victor (Celso Franco), who wants to buy a cell phone equipped with a built-in video recorder.  He dreams of being on TV and this recording gadget is intriguing to him as it’s not common in his part of town or perhaps, his country.  A series of events lead him to an opportunity to make some money to buy this cell phone, but it comes with a price – in the form of 7 boxes that he must transport safely. When summoned, he must return all 7 boxes.  He has no idea what the boxes contain.  In order to keep in contact with the men he’s working for, they let him borrow a cell phone.  His life becomes endangered along the way.  The film is brilliantly written.  The plot is rich, you can feel the culture, and the characters draw you in.  The dynamic between Victor and his tomboyish friend Liz (Lali Gonzalez) is endearing. 

You must see this film.  It’s in Spanish with English subtitles.  If you don’t speak Spanish, after the first few minutes this won’t be an issue because the film is that good.  You don’t even realize you’re reading the subtitles.  As cliche as this sounds, you will remain on the edge of your seat.

(To read more about the Havana Film Festival, visit: http://www.hffny.com/2013/)

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