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Nelson Mandela’s recent health issues, reminds all what he means to society

Nelson MandelaThe world renowned charismatic leader, Nelson Mandela, is not only a hero in South Africa – he’s an international figurehead synonymous with peace, justice, and equality.

The 94 years old Mandela has been hospitalized for lung infection. 

This comes after previous health problems that led to medical treatment at a military hospital according to reports. Although the former President of South Africa has kept himself away from public life, he remains a hero to all the people who experienced the positive effects of the anti-apartheid struggle and beyond. The Nobel Peace prize winner spent more than 27 years in prison and later, over 40 years in politics.

Al Jazeera’s Safeeyah Kharsany asked every person on the streets of Fordsburg, Johannesburg and questioned them, What does Nelson Mandela mean to you?’ Most people feel that without Mandela, the country will face instability.  South Africans are praying for Mandela, but many deny the fact that his death will result in any chaos.


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