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Puebla, Mexico – The heart of Mexico

Puebla_DancersPuebla City in Puebla state, Mexico is a city centered in the heart of Mexico. With a rich cultural heritage and a blend of native and Spanish influences, the city defines the Mexican spirit. The food, the people, the celebrations, the natural wonders, the architecture, and the sights and sounds of the street create a full, colorful, and picturesque scene. It’s a place not to be missed, but a city of richness and depth to be immersed in.Puebla_Volcano_Popo

At the heart of the city is the zocalo, or city square. Colonial architecture surrounds it. There, ornate and colonial catholic churches will astound you with their level of detail, grandness of scale, architectural and spiritual beauty.

On the horizon – a massive, active volcano looms, churning endless puffs of smoke into the cloudscape. Next to Popocatépetl, his affectionate nickname Popo, sleeps his loving wife, dormant volcano Iztaccíhuatl, whom he watches over protectively.

Puebla_DancerPuebla City, like many Mexicans cities, often has live performances featuring traditional folk dances. Dances often take place in the zocalo. One such dance is the Dance of the Machetes, in which machetes are thrown and caught, clanked together in the air and under the knees, sparks flying, machetes thrown and caught. It is a dance that tells a story, the men attempting to impress the beautiful dancers, their colorful skirts twirling around them.

Often times, especially around Catholic holidays, of which there are many, parades are thrown, throughout the state and in the city. There are often fiestas, or parties, held in and around the zocalos. Mariachi bands and live music can be heard when enjoying a meal, almost any day really. Everyday vendors sell balloons in and around the zocalo for children.

Many traditional Poblano restaurants are situated throughout the city and they abound and surround the zocalo. Read my other related articles for delicious details of what makes Poblano, and really Mexican cuisine so uniquely delicious.

Melissa Florero graduated from the Natural Gourmet Institute for Health and Culinary Arts in 2009. In addition, she has intermediate certification from the International Wine Center, 2009 and has a BA in Literature from SUNY Purchase, 2001. She is a recipe developer, a cook, a freelance online writer, and is working on her first culinary- themed novel. Visit her shop - www.littleredcookshop.com

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