Summer Vacation Ideas: Amalfi Coast, Italy


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Due to its immense beauty, Amalfi Coast has been an inspiration for painters, musicians and poets for many centuries. Located in Southern Italy, just 29 miles southeast of Naples, the town of Amalfi was a popular holiday destination in the early 20th century, especially among the British aristocracy.

This is a type of place where you just come to enjoy and idle away the hours to the sound of waves crashing against the cliffs. If you’re in the area, visiting Naples for example, Amalfi is a great option for a one-day trip.

If you feel like a hike, we suggest following the “Path of the Gods”, a five-mile trail that starts in Bomerano and finishes in Positano. Get your cameras ready because the views are nothing short of spectacular. The path was named after the Roman temples that once stood here.  Although the gods might be absent these days, you’ll be able to enjoy breathtaking, godlike scenery.

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