Summer Vacation Ideas: Valencia, Spain


City of Arts and Sciences



Torres de Serranos

With its narrow streets and mix of Gothic and Renaissance architecture and monuments, Valencia will definitely stay in your mind for a long time. Top tourist attractions include the Cathedral, City of Arts and Sciences and Torres de Serranos.

The Cathedral features a mixture of styles from early Gothic to Romanesque and Baroque, which makes it all the more impressive. It is the religious center of Valencia and it’s famous for being the home to the Holy Grail.



Torres de Serranos or Serrano Towers is one of the 12 gates that once stood along the wall surrounding Valencia. They were constructed at the end of 14th century, and are one of the most iconic Gothic military structures in Europe.

paellaIn case you didn’t know, Valencia is also home to the Spain’s most popular meal – paella. It is a delicious rice-based meal that emerged two centuries ago. So, pack your bags this summer, make sure to enjoy everything Valencia has to offer, and don’t forget to try an authentic paella!



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