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Kelly Rowland’s Talk A Good Game

          kelly-rowland-talk-a-good-game-artwork Kelly Rowland’s new and anticipated album has been released and, honestly, it’s her best album so far! On top of having an unbelievably sexy album cover showing off her body, the songs add lyrical perfection alongside her sexiness. The album, “Talk A Good Game”, includes 15 R&B tracks including “Kisses Down Low”. “Kisses Down Low” is fun and flirty and great for the club or dancing anywhere – for that matter.  It’s a suggestive song that can spice up the aura in any room. The best song on the album in my opinion is “Dirty Laundry,” a personal and mellow song. “Dirty Laundry” is a song that talks about the struggles for success and being in the shadows of someone else, domestic violence, and other personal events that have been incorporated into Rowland’s life. 

            The album is worthwhile because each song keeps you listening. You can play the full album whether you’re on a road trip, going through a breakup, or simply just cleaning up your house.  The mix of tones and styles adds variety to the album. This album is a turning point in the already rising career of Kelly Rowland’s because, not only does the album get more personal, it allows the fans to feel as if they understand and relate to her more.

            Kelly Rowland’s album is available now and is, also, available on iTunes.   “Talk A Good Game,” is quality music that anyone, fan or not, is destined to enjoy.

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