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JETSETTER | Shima Kindelan

Photo credit - Monday NagShima Kindelan has been a friend to Dialect Magazine for years.  We first interviewed her in 2007 and her brand and hair product line continues to impress and build self-esteem amongst women with textured hair, a.k.a. Shima Girls!  Shima travels often and spreads the word about her mission.  We caught up with the lovely Afro-Cuban entrepreneur to share some travel tips with YOU!

What is your best travel tip?

Never forget your thermos and snacks! I, also, throw in a good book to read – that way those hours on the plane or bus won’t seem so long.

Where did you last travel to?

Atlanta, Georgia. It was my 4th time as an exhibitor at the Bronner Bros International Hair Show! I love seeing my Shima Girls, in person, and they really love seeing me!

What is a must have travel accessory?

Comfortable shoes, like sneakers.

What country do you live in and what is your background; what have you learned about culture from your travels?

I was born in Cuba but I live in the United States. I am an Afro-Cuban. Throughout my travels I learned that all people are the same no matter where I go…and by that, I mean that they are just HUMAN. They have their good days and bad days.

Full LineMy main reason for traveling is to globalize my Shima Hair Growth System which is a series of moisture maintenance products that help women of color to wipe out hair dryness on afro-textured hair so that our hair can grow to amazing lengths. My products include; Shima Oil, Shima Hairline Crème, Shima Hair Repair Shampoo, Shima Hair Repair Leave-in Conditioner and my Shima Hair Wash Day Step-by-Step DVD.

My reason for developing my line of products for our women of color is because, throughout my life I had to live through the constant myth that Black hair can’t grow longer than shoulder-length and that the only way we can have long hair is if we’re wearing a weave, lacefront or extensions. Today I am proud to say that my shoulder-length hair has grown to booty-length! So me and my testimonials have put this MYTH to rest!! My Shima Hair Growth System works on all types of afro-textured hair including Relaxed, Natural and Bi-racial textures and is available via my website www.Shimahair.com and Amazon.com.

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