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How to become a Travel Writer

Photo Credit: sxc.hu/everdred

Photo Credit: sxc.hu/everdred

If you like exploring new places and have a flair for writing then you can become a travel writer and earn some quick bucks doing what you love. A good travel write-up is a boon for tourists as it helps them to know the do’s and don’ts while embarking on a new journey. Here are certain tips which would be beneficial for you before venturing into travel writing.


1. Explore

Staying at luxury hotels and visiting only the places on the tour map will just limit your experience. Instead you should explore the area and interact with the locals to know more about the culture of a place. Also, find out more about the interesting sites, which have not been covered before. While visiting a place, I try taking public transportation rather than a cab as I get more opportunity to encounter local people.


2. Have an eye for detail

Remember, when you visit a certain place you are not only a tourist but, also, a travel writer. You should have a knack for details which includes the lifestyle of the people plus the history, architecture and music of that particular place.


3. Write

You should write in a descriptive style and paint word pictures to involve the reader and make them feel what you have experienced so they become a part of your journey. A travel writer not only has to share his experiences in an interesting manner but you must sell the idea to the reader.  Make them feel like that travel destination is a quick getaway from his mundane life.

 Don’t forget to carry a notebook and a camera with you. Keep on documenting what you feel, as it is not possible to recollect every detail later. Click pictures to make your write-up more interesting, as a picture is worth a thousand words.


4. Start with your own blog

Posting your write ups on a blog is a good way to start as you don’t need an editor to publish your work. Along with travel write ups you can include your bio and some details about your forthcoming trips.  This will help you to showcase your work to the editors whom you are trying to reach.


5. Identify a niche

Narrow down on a particular area under travel, depending on what you are passionate about, as you will enjoy the process of research and putting the article together much more. This will not only help you in gaining an expertise in that niche but you will, also, increase your chances of success.

For example, you can write about a particular place that you are already familiar with, such as the town where you live.  You can be a destination expert. As you write in detail about the places to stay, eat and shop, people wanting to get info about your town are more likely to find your write ups on the internet and, also, find them to be very resourceful.


6. Be patient and flexible

Travel writing is an immensely competitive field as anyone who can write well and likes to travel can become a travel writer. It may take time for things to work but if you put in hard work in the right direction you are bound to succeed. Just keep writing.

Also, be open to other types of writing until you become an established travel writer – being flexible will help you pay your bills and keep you going.





– Deepika Sharma Grover


Deepika is a freelance writer, blogger and author of several motivational E-books. A post graduate in Journalism and Mass communication, her expertise revolves around Instructional designing, social media marketing and content creation for blogs, websites and E-books. She is, also, a travel enthusiast and loves sharing her experience through her travel blog.

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