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7 ways to travel like a celebrity (on a budget)

Photo Credit: sxc.hu/aschaeffer

Photo Credit: sxc.hu/aschaeffer

You need not be an A lister to enjoy special treatment. If you’re fond of travelling and want to travel like a celebrity then follow these simple tips.  You’ll save your bucks while enjoying the perks.

1. Travel first class

Celebrities fly first class and so can you, however you can pull this off without shelling out extra money. Make sure that you book an off-peak flight to get a considerable deal for first class.  In addition, having a frequent-flier card is icing on the cake.

Don’t forget to book the hotel along with the flight – you not only save cash but, also, get the benefit of free drinks and inclusive meals. Travelling on specific days helps you save your money and get more personalized deals. Planning your vacation on days when kids go back to school or during winter season has benefits.  Airlines and hotels slash their prices significantly during this time. You can sign up for your favorite hotel’s credit card and get rewarded with loyalty points and enjoy more perks (but read the fine print, carefully). You should, also, look into any discounts and perks that your current credit cards offer.

2. Get day passes at the VIP lounges

You need to pay a nominal amount for these day passes and you get to enjoy VIP facilities. You can buy off a cut-in-line if you want to avoid the crowd and need a quick entry.

3. Dress immaculately        

Photo Credit: sxc.hu/aschaeffer

Photo Credit: sxc.hu/aschaeffer

Your fashion style should make you stand out.  Pay special attention to your wardrobe. Here are a few tips:

– Avoid dressing up in pajamas and gym clothes.

– Wear black as it is always in fashion and helps you look chic.

– Wear wedges as they are comfortable and classy.

– Compliment your look with the right accessories, i.e. designer sunglasses, bags and watches.

– If you have long and unmanageable hair, sport a sock bun as it looks great.

4. Wear the right make-up

Don’t go overboard with your foundation and apply very little bronzer. Apply shadow and full make up minutes before landing so that you look fresh and happening.

Guys, you can shape up your facial hair to create a new look and don’t shy away from hair care products!

5. Use branded luggage

Most celebrities are seen carrying extravagant bags and purses from famous designers and you can have one, too, without spending too much money. Websites, like walkinmycloset, fashionphile and eBay, offer pre-owned designer luggage at reasonable cost and in good condition.

6. Choose celebs favorite destinations

Find out where your favorite celebrities like to vacation. Some websites give you detailed information on awesome holiday destinations which are celebrities’ frequent haunts. Some of these destinations are Cape Town (South Africa), Lake Como (Italy), and New York (USA). These trips are organized by travel agents who provide you a complete package which imitates the vacation of a celebrity while ensuring your comfort and convenience.

7. Keep a track of your carbon footprint

Get in touch with carbon offset companies that promote sustainable travel, which calculate the amount of carbon dioxide generated during travel. Many celebrities do this. The environmental damage is then compensated by planting equivalent number of trees.


So follow these simple tips and trot around the globe like an A lister.










– Deepika Sharma Grover


Deepika is a freelance writer, blogger and author of several motivational E-books. A post graduate in Journalism and Mass communication, her expertise revolves around Instructional designing, social media marketing and content creation for blogs, websites and E-books. She is, also, a travel enthusiast and loves sharing her experience through her travel blog.

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