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Shereen Collington – One to watch!

shereen collington photoA person who dons many hats, Shereen Collington is a budding filmmaker who dreams of becoming an Academy Award winning director, one day. With a penchant for black and white films, Collington’s tryst with filmmaking began at Collins College in Phoenix, Arizona in 2009.

Back in college, Shereen had a project involving an aerial stunt. The actress scheduled to perform the stunt couldn’t fulfill the role, so Shereen stepped in. Little did Shereen know –  she was about to discover a new passion in life. The thrill of flying in the air made her realize this is what she wanted to do for a living, despite the hard work and rigorous training.  At present, she’s putting her best foot forward and is working on getting into The International Stunt School in Seattle, Washington.  Check out the link to donate: http://www.gofundme.com/9i5ke8

Not only is substantial filmmaking her forte, Shereen is an amazing photographer, a talented voice-over artist, and has a keen eye for new talent. In association with Grist for the Mill productions, she has run her production company, Isaiah 54, for five years now, which is in pre-production for a sci-fi drama titled “Crescendo”.

There’s Something I Want You to Know” and “Fixative” are two of her short experimental films.  The actors enjoyed the challenge of learning Japanese for “Fixative”.  Shereen likes to create black and white films which focus on different facets of human relationships.

Joppa LogoShereen is, also, a talented designer and her comic strip, Joppa, has earned her quite a fan following.  Joppa, which means beautiful, is a colorful and whimsical strip which takes its inspiration from the Bible.  In the Book of Acts, Shereen read about Tabitha of Joppa who was renowned in her community for bringing about a change in people’s lives. That was when her character “Joppa Dupree” came to life.  In her comic, she presents the most mundane situations of life in a witty and amusing style, thereby impressing and motivating her readers .

As a writer, Shereen is motivated by the crazy human behaviors that make up everyday life and the ironic ideas that may seem  deceptive but turn out to be great and life-changing.

Her superhero character brand is aptly named “White Lotus” as she explains “I emerge in a pristine condition from the murkiest of waters”.

Shereen Collington is a person full of hopes, who is ceaselessly working towards her goals. In the coming future, she aspires to produce a sci-fi feature film and wants to create more black and white films.

She is one to watch!

~ written by Deepika Sharma Grover

Deepika is a freelance writer, blogger and author of several motivational E-books. A post graduate in Journalism and Mass communication, her expertise revolves around Instructional designing, social media marketing and content creation for blogs, websites and E-books. She is, also, a travel enthusiast and loves sharing her experience through her travel blog.

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