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“It’s like every wedding you have ever been to and it’s like no wedding you have ever been to…”
October 26, 2010Bollywood Wedding’s initial foray into live theater had met great success at the Nuyorican Poet’s Café located on New York’s Lower East Side this past summer.  Bollywood Wedding is now on stage for a revitalized show on Thursday, November 4, 2010 at The Gates in Chelsea. The improvisational ensemble piece features a cast of a dozen, in a satire of lavish Bollywood musicals, family squabbles and wedding celebrations.
Two very different immigrant families clash as an upper-class Indian-American woman falls for a middle-class Indian-American man, and everyone discovers something they didn’t know about their friends and family. Cultural clichés collide (with tension and outrageous humor) as the newlyweds try to bring their families together.

To commemorate the Bicentennial of Mexican Independence and the Centennial of the Mexican Revolution, Revealing Mexico Week will celebrate the culture and people of Mexico with a weeklong series of special events in the heart of New York City. The Host Committee for Revealing Mexico Week includes President Bill Clinton (Honorary Chairman), Ajay Banga (Host Chairman), Ambassador Arturo Sarukhan (Honorary Vice Chairman) and Founding Members: Carlos Slim, Salma Hayek Pinault, Placido Domingo, New York Jets Quarterback Mark Sanchez, Photographer John C. Mack, Writer Susanne Steines, Charlie Rose and many more.

Full rotunda show includes painting, sculpture, photography, architecture, film, fashion, and decorative arts, featuring many works never shown before in the United States

Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, 1071 Fifth Avenue, New York, Location: Full rotunda and all ramps; Annex Levels 5 & 7
Dates:  October 1, 2010-January 9, 2011, Preview:  Thursday, September 30, 10am-1pm
(NEW YORK, NY – August 5, 2010)––Rising from the ruins and horror of World War I, European art and culture returned to the classical past, seeking tranquility, order, and enduring values. Artists turned away from prewar experimentalism and embraced the heroic human figure and rational organization. Chaos and Classicism: Art in France, Italy, and Germany, 1918–1936 is the first exhibition in the United States to focus on the vast transformation in European culture between the world wars. With approximately 150 works by more than 80 artists, comprising painting, sculpture, photography, architecture, film, fashion, and the decorative arts, this thematically organized exhibition examines the return to order in its key manifestations: the poetic dream of antiquity in the Parisian avant-garde; the politicized revival of the Roman Empire under Benito Mussolini; the functionalist utopianism of International Style architecture that originated at the Bauhaus; and, ultimately, the chilling aesthetic of nascent Nazi society.