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Window Pane View of Risk to Glory

Haitian-American Artist Guy Stanley Philoche started painting at a very young age. A class trip to the Moma (Museum of Modern Art) as a young boy sparked his inspiration to become an artist.

Becoming an artist is not easy nor is it glamorous according to Philoche. There are lots of sacrifices that have to be made and Philoche knows this firsthand. With his uncompromising attitude, he’s been able to overcome obstacles including ridicule and has gone on to achieve greatness.

Philoche sold his first painting as an art school undergrad. He may have sacrificed a lot but it was worth it!  He’s been able to travel the world and has had the opportunity to sit in the same room with people he never thought possible. Philoche has taken the time to invest in himself and he offers that same advice to anyone who wants to follow their dreams. He’s truly a thought-provoking artist.

I had a chance to view his work.  It’s as if I was looking through a window pane of thoughts. Not only is Philoche an amazing artist but he has a huge heart.  His contributions to help victims of the devastating earthquake in Haiti is an example of this.   

 Philoche, who was raised in Connecticut, is now a resident of New York. His art work can be seen at fortune 500 companies such as Deutsche Bank and Morgan Stanley, to name a few.  Philoche shared a quote that he lives by – “Without risk you can’t have glory.” 

You can have a look at his paintings on his website http://www.philochestudios.com/.

30 year old Rene`e Nicole has been married for 10 years. She has 2 two daughters, Olivia and Leyla. She was once a trendsetter until she lost her way. She is back and here to reclaim what's hers…her fashion!

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