Book Review | Always Something There To Remind Me by Beth Harbison

Can’t we all do ourselves a favor and let go of old loves? High school and childhood sweethearts are overrated. Seriously, lengthy recollections of the main character of Erin Andrews over Nate Lawson is the most nauseating read ever. With its constant references to a high school relationship, not only does the 37-year-old character sound like a perpetual adolescent but also a love obsessed neurotic.

Teenage lovers are an illusion to a past long gone. Who wants to sing love songs to a high school jock anyway? People need to grow up. A lifelong urge to ruminate over 16-year-old issues and its unfinished business is a choice. You can finished old unresolved situations in a heartbeat but choosing to let go. Instead, this fictional tale is siply one long addiction to love drama.

The story opens with Erin Andrews, hotel event planner, working on a Super Sweet 16 party. She is engaged to a handsome Washington, DC lawyer and is a single mother to her own teenage daughter. Once she gets a proposal the face and name of Nate Lawson pops into her mind. Without a thought of her adult life Erin sets out to find Nate for God knows what. Turns out Nate broke up with her when he thought she cheated on him. Adolescent boys can be so moody too. Yet Erin fails to forgive her indiscretions and searches for redemption with her one and only Nate.

People troll high school reunions in search of that first love or unrequited high school crush. The one who meant everything to them as kids and many realize how foolish they were to hold on. Is it really love one is after? Or more accurate it is some kind of approval from days gone by? Why do some give such power away? Isn’t the better choice to seek out a therapist? Erin does find Nate and all the drama starts up again. Nate is married himself and as the story progresses its clear how misguided both Erin and Nate were and still are. Nostalgia is a bitch.


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