Book Review | The Circle by Laura Day

Most wishes come true in a simple fashion but this multi-layered book on how to master conscious creation is a simple but deep read. Laura Day is not too spiritual and not at all religious. She writes a 9-point plan to a wish turned into reality.

Her newer edition of “The Circle” includes a workbook which many find helpful in implementing Day’s techniques. Many things come true one way or another. Even when wishes don’t manifest they have been answered. At the risk of sounding esoteric one main theme is emphasized by Day: We always get everything we want. The trick is to make sure our subconscious desires along with our conscious thoughts.

Since discovering Laura Day, over a decade ago, I have made many wishes see life, including being able to write for many publications as a paid writer. This happened because all of my being was aligned with this reality of being a writer. Unfortunately, not all of me is still in unison about being married and a mother. So, as I and others navigate the circle and confront our internal roadblocks we learn more ways to grow into our dreams.

Keep in mind there are millions of other free wills in the world. We can only control our own life. Not the weather or political leaders. Day reminds us to expect our wishes to change as we follow along each step. Also, she warns us that we will sometimes feel confronted by one of the steps and almost stop wishing. Her advice is to keep going and push through our own barriers. This is the alchemy of growth that Day writes about.

For many, the most stubborn wish makes them very emotional half-way through “The Circle”. In my personal experience, I went from wishing for my own Hugh Jackman to realizing that the kind of man I really wanted was Gerard Butler. I wished for the Jackman I see in pictures with his wife and kids. Deep down inside I wanted that protective alpha male tough sensitive guy who packed a punch. Not the gentle giant sweetheart who gets scolded by his wife for being too nice. Like the song “Macho” goes … he has to be big and strong and like to turn me on …. I’m tired of taking the lead I want a man who will dominate me. Ok, dominate is the wrong word, maybe perhaps lead is better.

Laura Day is one of the rare authentic teachers out there. She is NOT New Age at all. She is anti-guru and wants others to develop their own inner core. Day wants you to look within to your own internal guidance system instead of becoming her devotee. In “The Circle” many wishes come full circle … either a wish is granted by yourself to yourself or it isn’t. Either way, I will have my very own Gerry this year. One way or another.


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