Bologna – Food lover’s paradise

Image source: epoquehotels

Image source: epoquehotels

Italy is one of the world’s most visited countries. This doesn’t really come as a surprise when you know that it can offer everything from ancient history to high-end fashion, delicious wines and great food. Cities like Rome, Florence, Pisa, Venice and Milan are unique in their own way and are definitely worth a visit, but in case you’re a foodie we suggest visiting a little less known place – Bologna.

Located in Emilia-Romana region in Northern Italy, only 1 hour and 15 minutes north of Florence, it’s a perfect day trip if you’re in the area. Does spaghetti bolognese ring a bell? Of course it does; Bolognese sauce is the most popular spaghetti sauce in the world and guess what – it originated in Bologna. However, most locals would prefer if you are interested in tasting other specialties the region has to offer.

Try products like Mortadella di Bologna, a high quality pork sausage, or Parmigiano-Regiano, one of the best Parmesan cheeses you’ll ever come across that is exclusive to this region. Make sure to try Tortellini in Brodo, a simple, yet delicious soup with tortellini, and Tortelli di zucca, a very unique tortellini filled with pumpkin and amaretti biscuits.

There are a lot of choices and if you’re ever in doubt just ask the waiters on local cuisine recommendations, they’ll be more than happy to assist you in chooseing the perfect meal.

Some of the best restaurants in Bologna include:

  • I Portici’s Hotel restaurant (awarded with the prestigious Michelin Star)
  • Trattoria Trebbi
  • Caminetto d’Oro & Twinside
  • All’ Osteria Bottega

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  1. Cento Trattorie di Bologna June 5, 2013 at 12:36 pm

    Nice article about our city. Locals are pretty happy if you want to try the bolognese sauce as well, but not with spaghetti, it’s the wrong kind of pasta to savor it. The proper one is the Tagliatelle, like the picture.


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