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Road Less Traveled | Guyana

Guyana is by no means a popular tourist destination; however, this doesn’t mean you should avoid it. In case you’re a nature aficionado, Guyana will definitely indulge your hankering for the outdoors. It might not have a particularly rich history or architectural attractions, but it will charm you with magnificent nature and scenic views. We will try to showcase a few interesting spots that will hopefully make you consider visiting this beautiful South American country.


Image Source: theluxuryspot

Kaieteur Falls

Located in the middle of untouched nature, Kaieteur Falls is one of the tallest single-drop waterfalls in the world. With the height of 741 feet, which is five times the height of Niagara Falls, it will certainly leave you impressed. The price for this excursion keeps changing, but expect to pay around $200. Although it might seem a little steep, it is surely worth the money.



Image source: guyanatimesinternational

Image source: guyanatimesinternational

Iwokrama Rainforest and Canopy Walkway

If you like exploring forests and wildlife, then you shouldn’t miss Iwokrama Rainforest. You can even choose to stay for a couple of days in either Atta Rainforest Lodge or Iwokrama River Lodge. You will be nestled in a beautiful natural reserve, surrounded by numerous animals and untouched nature. In case you enjoy bird watching, make sure to book the Iwokrama Canopy Walkaway tour. This walkway consists of a series of bridges and decks that are up to 100 feet high and around 500 feet long. This will give you an amazing view of the upper canopy of the forest, and will enable you to observe the animals without intruding.


Image Source: panoramio

Image Source: panoramio

Shell Beach

Shell Beach extends for approximately 90 miles, along the northwestern coast of Guyana. This very unique beach, covered with a countless number of tiny shells, is a nesting site for four out of eight sea turtle species. Every year, between March and July, they come here and dig nests among the shells, lay dozens of eggs, and then return to the water.


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