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Hot Fun in the Summertime: Top 5 summer island getaways

Summer is here!!!

In the midst of a strenuous workday or a tedious task, we all have said once or twice, “I wish I was on an island.”  Why?  Because the islands are the ultimate destination for sunshine, good times, and serene relaxation. With so many gorgeous islands in the world, how can one possibly choose? If you’re one of those uncertain beings, fear not. I will point you in the right direction with my top five. All aboard!


Maui photo credit: traveltomaui.net

Maui  –  Image source: traveltomaui.net


Known, not only, for its breathtaking beauty, this 2nd largest island in Hawaii is welcoming for everyone.

In Maui, the possibilities are endless. If you’re swinging solo, you may want to consider a healing massage. These are often given right on the beach. Couples will enjoy beautiful evening walks on the beach and private jacuzzis in their hotel rooms. Families with children will find that hula lessons and bamboo fishing trips are an excellent way to spend the day.


Anguilla photo credit: anguillabeaches.com

Anguilla  –  Image Source: anguillabeaches.com


Anguilla is located in the heart of the northern part of the Caribbean. This tiny island is a melting pot of cultures blended with the beauty of the beaches and landscape of the island, itself. In Anguilla, you’ll receive a combination of a relaxing vacation, beautiful scenery and the island’s rich heritage – all in one. Anguilla is, also, the choice of many celebrities. Who knows, while sightseeing you may bump into one of your favorites.


Jamaica - Image Source: islandbuzzjamaica. com

Jamaica – Image Source: islandbuzzjamaica


What do sandy white beaches, clear blue waters, amazing tropical plants, and an amazing climate all have in common? They’re all delectable ingredients combined to create the blissful dish called Jamaica. The thing about this island that differentiates it from many others is it’s affordability. Negril and Montego Bay are popular choices for those who want to spend time on the beach, or experience a few Reggae parties, here and there.


Aruba - Image Source: beachimages.org

Aruba – Image Source: beachimages.org


Located off the coast of Venezuela, Aruba is yet another amazing destination that has something for everyone. One of the best features is that you can rent a villa, if you aren’t much of a hotel person. The alluring beaches, fishing trips, and countless water sports are just a few reasons why families love it here, but Aruba is also often a popular choice for honeymooners.


Bora Bora - Image Source: tripadvisor

Bora Bora – Image Source: tripadvisor

Bora Bora

Located in the Pacific Ocean, the island of Bora Bora is dedicated to exposing visitors to authentic Polynesian culture. You may, also, opt to stay in a luxurious hotel or camp outdoors. Snorkeling and scuba diving highlights the water sports but above all, nothing beats the tropical waters and sandy beaches.

Did I entice you? Of course I did! Now book your reservations, grab your camping gear, swimsuits and be sure to take advantage of those all-inclusive deals. Now without further ado, get packing!

Ashly is a freelance writer and poet from Baltimore, MD.

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