How to turn your living room into a french café!

France, otherwise known as the city of love and romance, is a dreamy place that many people fantasize about visiting one day. When you think of France you think of Paris, art, cafés, and more. Well, don’t you wish you could see the beautiful French scenery everyday? As a matter of fact, could you see the space you spend most of your time in turned into a French-themed scene? Here’s a great way to implement France into your living space! You can combine the comforts of your living room with a Parisian twist to give you a unique cultural touch without breaking the bank. Let’s turn your space into a beautiful and dazzling French café! 



      A French café theme is a fun and elegant way to turn your living room into an absolute masterpiece! I know you’re wondering, “How can I turn my dull and boring living room into an elegant café?” For starters you must map out exactly how you’re going to do it.  You need a plan:

  • what pieces you want to add to your living room
  • where to get them from
  • what’s your color scheme (many French cafés use a variety of pastel and soft colors, such as cream or mint)
  • buy paint (either from a home décor store or an online paint company to find a color to perfectly match the theme)
  • think about the floors (consider hardwood or carpet, keep a neutral color or one that matches the walls. If you go with hardwood floors, purchase a fancy rug that complements the theme.  As I stated earlier, you can order from a home décor website or pick up a nice rug at either a home décor or furniture store.)

    eiffel - tkcollections

    eiffel – tkcollections

These are the first steps to creating a base for your French Café’ living room.

Next, you need to assess your furniture.  You need exquisite chairs, fancy sofas or loveseats to pull this off. They must be in a pastel color, crème, or velvet red – the colors are important when it comes to nailing it. You, definitely, need decorative tables and make sure they each fit up to two people.



Lastly, you must invest in decorations. Search for a couple of great wall paintings, preferably paintings of areas in France or, even, flowers. Consider purchasing a chandelier to add an elegant, classy feel to your living space. You will, also, need vases to hold the array of flowers you will get.  As an alternative, you can place a decorative lamp on a table or on a detailed bureau. The awnings on many french cafes are striped, so you should incorporate this design into your decore via the use of striped curtains, striped coffee mugs, etc.  Get creative! 


Voila!  You can now enjoy your very own personal French cafe without having to travel.

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