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Black and (A)broad: Traveling Beyond The Limitations Of Identity by Carolyn E. Vines| Book Review

            black and abroadThe book and personal memoir, Black and Abroad (by Carolyn E. Vines) not only discusses a highly successful African-American women struggling with inner issues but it also tells a story beyond all that, propelling the reader into a world of travel, self discovery and love. It starts off with Carolyn and how she met the love of her life, Vinz, a waiter at a hotel she and her friends often visit. It goes on to describe, in detail, how they started dating and developing a relationship – making this story worth your time! She goes on to discuss experiences and trips that came along during her relationship, from having to move from state to state and eventually abroad.  You will journey to New Orléans, Paris, Cuba, and experience some Dutch love!

            The book not only discusses Carolyn’s relationship but personal issues she struggled with as a Black woman. She discusses insecurities about her hair, body, and her background.  This brings a better understanding of who she is, where she’s coming from and exactly how she feels. The personal notes are relatable as she pours her heart out and shares more than just her identity as a Black woman traveling abroad but she, also, delves into being in an interracial relationship. She explained her insecurities and her journey to move forward in her life, career, and her relationship.

            This is a fascinating read as you get into Vines’ relationship from start to where they are now (as of when the book was written, of course). The details include the ups and downs – through breakups to makeups – and life changing decisions that made both her and Vinz’s life better. Her relationship is beautiful and real to the extent that anyone would love to read about it with their fingers crossed, praying that she will ultimately end up with the love of her life.  You’ll have to read the book to find out what happens.

            The book also documents the progress in her career as well as her progression into motherhood. This story is filled with inspiration for all women who’ve struggled with their identities, whether or not they’ve traveled and moved abroad.  It not only shows a woman’s progress in loving herself but it gives hope to others. She goes in-depth about her interracial relationship that includes the sacrifices that come along with it, but in return Vines tells the story of becoming a wonderful person going after a wonderful life. This memoir was amazing and entertaining to read.

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