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Congress Hotel in Tucson, AZ


Tourists thinking of going to Arizona for a tour must visit the Congress Hotel. Situated in Tucson, this hotel offers features like no other. Apart from being a touristy hotel, the Congress Hotel is historic and one of Tucson’s most well-known landmarks. It was built in 1919; but soon found its fame with a bank robber by the name of John Dillinger, captured back in 1934.

In 1985, a music venue opened in the Congress Hotel by the name of Club Congress where bands touring through Tucson performed. There are four different bars in the Club and each one is very unique:


  1. The Tap Room was and has been one of the most popular waterholes for cowboys since 1919
  2. The main bar features a century old bar top by the name of “The Talk of The Town”
  3. The Cybar club is situated to the side of the dance floor and was once more of a cyber café , about 10 years ago.
  4. The Hotel Lobby Bar is a favorite of many tourists.  You’ll find many cocktails of the best kind…you can pick any of the 150 spirits that are served here.


In 2010, the Hotel Lobby Bar’s bartender came out on top at a culinary competition in the World Margarita Championship with a Solerno Blood Orange culinary foam.

The Congress Hotel is, also, famous for its cocktail menu and won the “best cocktail menu” in 2010.

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