Scenic places to travel within the United States

YosemiteparkPointy cliffs reaching into the sky.  Changing color with the time of day so that you may not be able to see all of it at once.  You would not want to climb here, well from a height perspective.  But there are several ways to experience the reservation.   The park is 1,200 square miles, in central California, in the Sierra Nevada mountain range.  Mountains range from 2,000 to 13,000 feet in altitude.  Yosemite National Park was first protected in 1864. You can go bike riding, camping or birdwatching.  The formation of the mountains, some formed by glaciers, others created from volcanic sediments and granitic, a light-colored ingenious rock that changes in elevation.  Weather starts in the 40s in January and reaches the 80s by June.  Over 3.7 million people come to the park each year.  The grounds were first settled by Native Americans and in 1855 the first tourists visited the park.  The national park service was organized in 1916.  In the Yosemite Valley area, there are many waterfalls where you can receive mist from the water in the summer months.  Trails run up to the falls and the view from the cliffs is uplifting.

Savannah GeorgiaA bench, a good book and a fan are all you would need if you are sitting in one Savannah’s Historic District squares (in Georgia).  There are 22 squares in Savannah to get fresh air.  These squares are only the beginning of the things describing the Historic District.  Cobblestone roads lead to old buildings both businesses and houses.  Carriage rides withhold a gait that makes the tapping of the romp heard throughout the pathways of the city.  Savannah was settled in 1733 and it is one the largest National Historic Landmark Districts. Savannah was named from the Savannah River.  Marshes surround the river for miles inland.  The two major cities situated along the Savannah River are Savannah, and Augusta. An inspirational structure, is the Cathedral of Saint John the Baptist.  The parish was formed in the late 1700’s.  Two pinnacles meet the sky and at night the church fills up and light filters through its many windows.  One of the top 25 arts destinations, the Savannah theatre is a place to go to see shows, but also admire the building, built in 1818.  There is the Telfair Museum of Art, which has the oldest art gallery in the South.  It offers modern art to observers.  Enjoy some fried fish or steak, or take something with you to stroll through the streets of the once delightful city that still keeps its past inside its walls.

ChicagoFrom Art Deco to contemporary, Chicago, Illinois supports some of the tallest towering buildings in the country.  Small architectural details and an aspiration to build formations that make you look up at them as you walk beneath their shadows are part of the city’s identity. Some of the buildings are constructed out of stone and others are inlaid with steel. Look at the Chicago Board of Trade building and its clock with complete monumental sculpture figures.  Observe South La Salle Street at its entrance, black marble against elongated windows, many vernacular lines, with the ceiling covered in gold leaf. Glare at the Northwestern Atrium Center. It has many curved lines and is a reflective blue pool of illusionary covering.  Find the Carbon and Carbide building.  The exterior is furled in black granite and the tower is dark green terra-cotta with gold leaf accents. Strong lines shape the interesting  framework of the building.  Shop the Magnificent  Mille, a long strip running from North Michigan Avenue to Oak Street. Window shop at several designer stores.  Take a Duck Tour over the river in a marine closed boat and tour the city’s abundant edifices.  Or admire the view from the bridge located aside the Tribune Tower.  On the other side of the Magnificent Mille take in the scenes of Lake Michigan.  A serene waterfront at the end of a bustling street.  You can walk or run the path that follows along the lake, and on warm days even go for a swim.


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