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News Anchor Sam Rubin mistakes Samuel Jackson for Laurence Fishburne

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Laurence Fishburne | Samuel Jackson

A recent incident occurred on February 10, during a morning show on KTLA news channel, which led to a long discussion on social networks and raised many eyebrows. With many Emmy awards in the bag, news anchor Sam Rubin was talking to ‘Robocop’ actor Samuel L. Jackson about his new release. But it came as a shock to Jackson when the news anchor mistook him for being Laurence Fishburne and asked “Did you get a lot of reaction from that Super Bowl commercial?”

Incidentally, Super Bowl Commercial features Laurence Fishburne and not Samuel Jackson.

Samuel L. Jackson did not waste a second in giving some hard time to Sam Rubin for his mistake and went on to say, “We may be all black and famous, but we all don’t look alike. You’re busted.”

Although, the anchor did apologize immediately and soon after the show was over, the episode did compel many to ponder whether it was just a matter of confusion or it was yet another incidence of racial discrimination, still prevalent in the country.

Samuel L. Jackson made it very apparent from his comments that it was not acceptable. He further added, “Do some research. Make sure you don’t confuse them with the other white actors that are out there.”

There are enough reasons to back the fact that there are no similarities between the two actors, apart from their skin color. They differ in age, in experience, in work and in physical appearances, too.

Incidents like these (over and again) reinforce the racial differences, as black actors are often mistaken to be someone else, even if they are immensely popular the world over.

What are your thoughts?



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~ by Deepika Sharma Grover



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