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Shame and Sex: Is That It | Film Review

Written on December 18, 2011 in ARTICLES

If you ever wondered what the difference was between love and lust or why making love and having sex were two totally distinct experiences, seeing Shame will make everything clear. The latest film from art-indie director Steve McQueen tells the gritty tale of a Manhattan sex addict named Brandon, played with piercing tragedy by Michael Fassbender.

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Hurricane Irene: The Movie

Written on August 29, 2011 in ARTICLES

A close friend of mine wisely pointed out via Facebook that, while no Hollywood natural-disaster film is complete without a grizzled, determined, and attractive lead character to save the day, the media frenzy surrounding Hurricane Irene’s east coast debut lacked a standard hero type. Since the double lead of Steve McQueen and Paul Newman in 1974...

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