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Last Minute Kitchen Gift Ideas For Every Foodie

With the holidays and a New Year right around the corner, many of us are still rushing to purchase last minute presents. Perhaps a pre-ordered gift will not be arriving on time, or after checking off every last person on your list weeks ago, just realized you skipped the most obvious of family members, or maybe you are simply stumped when it comes to gifting a child who went off to college and came back a changed adult. We all have foodie or gourmands in our lives who are as creative and unique as the exotic items they can never get enough of at fancy restaurants.

Many people identify themselves as foodies, gourmands, food lovers and enthusiasts, but are unique in their own way. Not every foodie is made alike. You have your adventurous foodie, your host/hostess entertainer type, your baker, and of course your beer and wine enthusiasts. Here are a few gifts for each type of foodie in your life. On a budget? You’ll be relieved to know these gifts range in price from 10 to just under 50 dollars.

For the Beer Lover– We all have that beer chugging, lager loving foam enthusiast who samples German and Japanese beer, the guy or gal who introduces you to exotic beer flavors you adore, but just can’t remember the name of. This type of foodie would not be content with a fondue set. Opt for a beer tasting glass set, an authentic German das boot or even an upside down beer bottle mug that is sure to be a conversation starter. Ignite their creativity while creating more options with a beer making kit.

For the Baker– Bakers are known for their creativity and vast array of baking equipment. Select a silicone or fancy bakeware set based on their personality. A reusable silicone baking mat is always a great gift, you save them money and the environment from the waste of parchment paper. A funky digital food scale or decorative apron reminiscent of the 50’s is a wonderful way to keep anyone smiling even before they remove a pie from the oven.

For the Entertainer– We all have the friend or family member who uses any excuse to host a party or get together. Whether it be a brunch with the girls or a fancy work affair, a decorative two tiered set, personalized serving tray, and glass or antique fondue set are sure to have their guests buzzing. An electric chocolate fountain is always a gorgeous centerpiece and life of any party.

For the Wine Lover– They travel to wine country annually, love to scope local vineyards and are tired of receiving a bottle of wine for each holiday and birthday. Break out of the routine of simply purchasing bottles and impress them with a wooden or metal wine rack for storage. Personalized wine glasses and a wine aerator say a lot about the gift receiver when presenting to a guest for serving.

For the Adventurous Foodie–  These are the foodies that find the hidden gems in the outskirts of a city, bring home new and exotic ingredients on an almost daily basis, and never order the same thing twice at any restaurant. These such foodies don’t just indulge in what others enjoy but are willing to try what repulses the rest of us. An alcajete for mashing up new and exotic ingredients is a sure way to go. Eve a turboque grill smoker can be given to the person who loves smoking meats but doesn’t have the space to do it. An exotic cookbook or wok set are all gifts that can transport your adventure loving foodie to another destination without stepping foot outside of unfamiliar territory.

For the College Dorm Student–  Whether it be your niece, nephew or your own child, college students who reside in dorms normally deal with small spaces. But a blossoming student must find ways to eat without always resorting to take out. Find out what sorts of appliances are allowed on school grounds and purchase them small cooking appliances such as a waffle maker. They might not be waffle lovers but it doubles as a Panini press, you can fry bacon, eggs, onions and more on the hot plate as well as creating desserts. A donut maker or mini fridge that acts as a mini vending machine decorates a dorm room nicely while being practical and not taking up too much space.


Kymberlee Fajardo is a freelance food writer and food culture photographer who grew up in Queens and Long Island, NY. Having always had an intense and rocky relationship/fascination with food, Kym was persistent in pursuing a career that involved her love for the culinary industry. At 19, she attended culinary school in NYC and graduated in the top 5% of her class. As a line cook she had experience in fine dining, South East Asian Street Market food in NYC, farm to table in upstate NY, as well as contemporary comfort food in NJ. Eventually she combined both her passion for writing as well as for all things culinary to pursue her career as a food writer. She maintains her own food blog Free Spirit Eater which contains original writing and photography. Kym also runs a culinary advice column on Bromography.com as well as contributing to MadlyJuicy.com.

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