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Austrian-French Film ‘CACHE’ | Suspense | 2005


Michael Haneke


  • Georges (a television talk show host) – acted by Daniel Auteuil
  • Anne (George’s wife) – acted by Juliette Binoche
  • Majid- acted by Maurice Benichou
  • Pierrot (Georges and Anne’s 12 year old son) – acted by Lester Makedonsky

Time: about 117 minutes

Rated R



This film has the feel of a classic mystery.  With no musical score to force the mood, the story moves along organically through a well written script and superb acting.  It doesn’t take long before you forget you’re reading English subtitles.

Set in Paris, this film has you captivated as you try to figure out “who done it?”, “why they’re doing it?” and “how is this going to end?”

Georges, and his wife Anne, live in an adorable Parisian home with their son.  Life is good until one day, the terror begins.  Someone is delivering mysterious videotapes to their doorstep with footage that is shot from across the street from their home.  The footage captures their home and personal details of their lives.  The more they try to figure this out, the more secrets about Georges life start to leak and cause his ideal life to turn upside down.

Winner of Best Director, Cannes Festival 2005

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