[caption id="attachment_747" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Esperanza Spalding photo by Johann Sauty"][/caption] Release Weaves Elements Of Jazz, Folk And World Music With Classical Chamber Music Traditions Centuries ago, long before the advent of radio or recording technology, chamber music was the music for the masses – the music in which people from nearly every segment of society could find meaning and relevance. A decade into the 21st century, Esperanza Spalding – the bassist, vocalist and composer who first appeared on the jazz scene in 2008 – takes a contemporary approach to this once universal form of entertainment with Chamber Music Society, her August 17, 2010, release on Heads Up International, a division of Concord Music Group.

In VH1's Price of Beauty, a documentary-like reality series, Jessica Simpson travels around the world to explore global beauty and self esteem issues.  Simpson ends up finding that despite the different standards of beauty around the world, they are all standards that know one should HAVE to live by.  The documentary is conflicting in certain areas but this may be in large part, to Simpson, not wanting to speak how she feels about another culture's standards of beauty.  Her overall intentions are good and helpful, which is the most important aspect of it all. Jessica embarks on this journey with two of her best friends, Ken Paves (also, her hairstylist) and Cacee Cobb, and challenges the very mindset that criticized her weight on the cover of tabloids all across America.  If anyone can relate to being on the receiving end of criticism, it would be Jessica Simpson.  This show is sure to resonate with women all across America and beyond as we already know that she's been there and she is not trying to understand - she truly does understand.